Confession. I think about my blog ALL. THE. TIME. It may be a little obsessive at times but what can you do? I have so many blog ideas and topics stored in my phone that if I ever lose it, I'll just have to shut my blog down and die. Okay, that may be a little dramatic but you get the idea.

Lately I've been thinking about several things and I wasn't sure how to find all the answers. Then I remembered that a few months back a fellow Okie and Blogger, The Lady Okie, did a survey on her blog and got some good results. So I'm taking inspiration from her and doing my own survey! 

Thanks for taking the time to fill it out!

Click here for the survey!

After a few days of collecting surveys, I'll share the results here with you all.

P.S. Before I decided to make the survey, I was nervous that NO ONE would participate so I sent out a tweet just to see if anyone would respond and holy cow! You guys rock! I got a great response from a lot of you who said you would do it so I decided to do it today!

P.S.S. I selected SurveyMonkey as my survey platform because it's 1. Free and 2. I use it at work all the time so I know it can be trusted. So I set up my own account for my blog and here we are!



03/30/2014 2:16pm

I took it. Don't you dare change your blog name silly.

03/30/2014 3:29pm

It's just something that crossed my mind and if I was going to change it, I would need to do it sooner rather than later. But so far the response is to not change it so, I won't! Thanks for the feedback! This has been fun!

03/30/2014 2:19pm

I took it, but I might not be very helpful!

03/30/2014 3:38pm

Thanks! I'm having fun with all the feedback so I appreciate you doing it!
BTW- are you doing the Aquarium run next week?

03/30/2014 4:42pm

I just took it. What a great idea to fine tune your blog!

03/30/2014 5:45pm

Thanks so much! I wish it was my original idea :)
I'm having fun with it!

03/30/2014 6:49pm

Took it! You're funny. I like the response options ;) hope you get some good responses! I always find these so interesting.

03/31/2014 6:18pm

Thanks! I wanted to have fun with it and get some info and so far so good!
Thanks for taking it!

Debbie Bridges
03/30/2014 8:37pm

Just took it! Great little survey

03/31/2014 6:18pm

Thanks Debbie! Hope you have been doing ok!

03/31/2014 3:14pm

Took it. Is this anonymous? Because if it isn't, that whole "reading blogs while at work" thing, I was kidding OK?

03/31/2014 6:19pm

LOL! It is anonymous! Lucky for you! :)

06/02/2015 4:54am

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