Do you ever wake up with a few more aches and pains than when you went to bed? I do and I think that's normal. Sleep is a funny thing. We need it, we need quite a bit of it actually, and yet sometimes we feel like when we wake up we did nothing but workout all night or somehow managed to walk out into oncoming traffic and get hit by a truck! 

Last Friday night, I went to bed and was in perfect (normal) working order and getting really excited about running the Goo Run the next day. When I woke up I somehow managed to injure myself overnight. I have no idea how, I have no idea when, but I went to bed 100% fine and woke up the next morning unsure if I was going to be able to run or walk the 5K I was signed up for. WTH??
You might be wondering what injury I woke up with, right? 
Did I get a massive leg camp in the middle of the night that ripped my calf muscle to shreds? No. I do get those from time to time, but it wasn't the culprit this time.

Oh, did I get up in the middle of the night and roll my ankle tripping over some house shoes? Nope. 

Maybe I had such a vivid dream about running, I ran myself right out of bed and got hurt from the fall? Not even close, but I have fallen out of bed before and hurt my ribs. Painful!

Here's the deal. I have no idea what I did, but I must have slept wrong ON MY TOES because when I woke up, the toe next to the big one (does that toe have a name?) was so painful I could barely walk! Is it even possible to sleep wrong on your toe? Clearly it is, and I guess I'm just talented enough to do it. 

When I got up Saturday morning to start getting ready for the race I almost fell to the floor in pain. I could stand ok, but to have my foot go through the full range of motion (heel to toe) it was incredibly painful. It almost felt like I had jammed it, but I didn't hit it on anything. Not that I remember anyway and wine was NOT involved. :)  I tried putting on my running socks and had to switch to a larger pair because even the snug fit was hurting.  I also had to switch shoes to a different pair with a larger toe box.  

I decided to go to the 5k even though my toe wasn't feeling it because honestly I've ran much longer races in far more pain. 3 miles with a little toe problem is nothing compared to a 50K with a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis. 
For real!
During the run the toe actually got a little better but was still pretty tender the rest of the day. When I woke up on Sunday, it felt pretty much fine.

So that's the story of how I did nothing but injured myself in my sleep. Go figure.

3 or 4 Half Marathon Debate Update

In a recent blog post, I debated whether or not the Hubbo and I should pick up a 4th Half marathon for the month of April. Well, after very little research and consideration the Hubbo and I decided to pass on the 4th Half Marathon. I know, I know. It's not very Half Fanatic of me. But I think it's the smart thing to do. Here's why:
  • This is the first training session I haven't had to spend a lot of time (and money) at the Chiropractor's office. 
  • We already have 3 Half Marathons on the books and I feel like adding a 4th race 24 hours after the 3rd one, might be pushing my luck.
  • While it is logistically possible to make the drive from Olathe, Kansas for the Garmin Half Marathon to Oklahoma City for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon, it would add some stress to the weekend and girls just wanna have fun! Right, Cyndi Lauper? 

Question! Have you ever woke up with a random injury? Please tell me I'm not alone!



03/28/2014 10:21pm

I've never hurt myself in my sleep, I have run into a wall trying to let the dogs out in the middle if the night...but I was somewhat awake for that.

I think it's smart to skip OKC, travel and 24 hrs between races seems like a recipe for disaster.

03/29/2014 2:54pm

LOL Well that would hurt too!
I'm thinking it's best to help me avoid injury too.

03/29/2014 12:52am

You will have plenty of opportunities to run back to back HM's, you're doing the right thing.

03/29/2014 2:53pm

Thanks! I'll plan ahead a little better next time!

04/08/2014 1:21am

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07/29/2016 2:51am

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