A few weeks ago you might have noticed some of my social media posts apologizing for it taking forever to post my survey results as well as my double race day race recaps. Race 1 and Race 2. I posted this picture on Instagram letting you all know I was sad I couldn't post to my blog.
It was because at the time my blog was kind of broken. Limping along if you will. I could log in, write posts, publish posts and all, but if you tried to click on any of the links they didn't work. You couldn't click on the link to comment or to check out my other tabs on my page, nothing.
So I put in a ticket with tech support and waited somewhat patiently for them to address the issue.

I didn't want to blog during that time because I didn't want to drive traffic to my site and then have my blog reading buddies become frustrated by it not working. Also, during one of my calls to tech support one of the options they gave me to fix it was to reset my blog to a point in time when it worked properly, only downside is that I would lose everything I had done after that reset point. So I didn't want to put up a lot of content only to have to redo it later if that was the only solution they could offer me. 

So I waited a week and didn't hear much from tech support so I called to check on the status of the ticket and didn't get very far. Turns out my hosting site had recently underwent major renovations on their side so the call volume was high. Great! I found out that some users were having this problem but not all users. So basically they were saying they were stumped. So back to waiting I went.

Then, almost two weeks after I submitted my ticket to tech support I get an email. Drum roll Please!!!
Turns out I'm the one who broke my blog! 

So apparently I'm not good at HTML code. Weird.
Who knew that if you added a feature with HTML code that has an open loop it will cause your blog to not load properly?? 
I clearly need to stick to running and writing (awesome, hilarious, witty, entertaining) (<---pick your own adjective) blog posts. 

Luckily I know a super hot web guy and he was able to fix my mistake once the Tech Support email came through. Thanks Hubbo! :) 

So there's my confession as to why my blog was broken for a couple weeks.

Question! Have you ever tried do something on your own only to have it backfire on you?



04/17/2014 6:16pm

I joined my google+ to my blog account. After that only people with google+ could post comments. When I noticed I switched back but ALL my comments made during that time got taken off, including all the congratulations I got after my first marathon. : (

04/17/2014 9:25pm

Oh no!! That's awful! I'm sorry that happened. Sounds like you just need to run another marathon :)


I'm too scared to try html! That's what I still have a totally simple blogger template haha!

For what it's worth, I think your blog/header are adorable!

04/17/2014 10:45pm

I wasn't trying anything too fancy but I guess it doesn't take much to break it when it comes to coding! LOL
And thanks! The Hubbo set that up for me. He's pretty handy! :)

04/17/2014 9:58pm

LOL. At least you didn't have to reset and lose anything!!

04/17/2014 10:46pm

Right? I would have been a little upset! Plus, I probably would have kept breaking it over and over because I would have gone in and kept trying to add back the stuff I lost. So it could have been a really long and drawn out process!


Nice to be hearing about your rungingerrunblog blog thank you for updating interesting points about it. Mainly sharing about noticed some of my social media posts apologizing for it taking forever to post.

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