PictureLuchador 5K Tulsa, OK April 2014
Last Saturday was a busy race day at the RunGingerRunBlog house. On Saturday morning the Hubbo and I ran the Aquarium Run Half Marathon and then later that evening my P-town girls, the Hubbo, and I ran the Elote's Luchador 5K here in Tulsa.

Whew! I'm tired just thinking back to that day!

The Luchador 5K was called an Urban Obstacle race. We'll get to that in a minute. But first, check out these costumes! 

You guys! I made my own cape! This is HUGE! I'm terrible at cooking, cleaning, and sewing is out of the question so I'm super pumped that I pulled this one off!

This is a local 5K put on by Elote's resturant to benefit the YMCA's Y-Kids to Camp program. We signed up super last minute but with just enough time to order our Luchador masks from Mask Maniac and have them show up before the race. The masks we got were about $17 and took about 3ish days to get here. 

The week of the race the pricing was $30 with a costume or $35 without one.  You all KNOW how much RGR and the Hubbo like to dress up so the decision to dress up wasn't even a question! 

The Course + Obstacles

PictureJosh and The Hubbo in front of the starting line!
The course was fairly flat with a few inclines and one bridge. We did have to go down some stairs at one point but I'm assuming that was one of the "urban obstacles" the race put in there.

Let's just talk about these urban obstacles. When we signed up for the race we were so excited about doing a double race day and the fact that the second race was a fun race with costumes I totally ignored those two little words...Urban Obstacles.

Turns out, it was a series of fun little challenges around downtown Tulsa that you had to get through to finish the race. Lindsay, Mindy, and I spent most of the run laughing so hard we barely ran! The Hubbo ran with our buddy Josh and tried to catch the official Elote's Luchadors. The official luchadors had a 5 minute head start and a flag. So not only was this an obstacle race, it was a capture the flag game too. Josh was fast enough and actually caught one!  

I tried to get pictures of as many obstacles as I could, but I was kinda busy, running, laughing, navigating obstacles, and laughing. 

One of the first obstacles we had to negotiate was the Green Country Roller Derby girls hitting the runners with foam bats as you ran by. Hilarious and Scary! 

Here are the obstacles I did get pictures of...

For this obstacle we had to ride a little square scooter board thingy about 15 or 20 feet to then get in line to make a goal in Frisbee golf. In other news, I suck at Frisbee golf!
This obstacle was only for those who were 21+ because it was JELLO SHOT TIME! Warm jello shots are not good by the way...
Tire crawl obstacle.
This was a water stop and obstacle combined. While navigating the kegs they were handing out shots of water in tiny little shot glasses. Stay hydrated!
Limbo! This is surprisingly difficult with a cape on.
The very last obstacle was right at the finish line and you had to run through a smaller Luchador wrestling ring and get by to Luchadors. Hilarious!
This was the BEST 5K I've ever participated in! Not because I got a PR, because I didn't, but because I was having such a good time hanging out with my friends. 
The race gave out age group awards but put a funny spin on them. They gave out "trophies" that were dressed up like tiny luchadors but instead of calling them First Place, Second Place, Third Place they had funny names such as "Not Last Place". I think they were old soccer trophies that someone jazzed up with some superglue! 

After the race we all stuck around and enjoyed our Nachos and beer that came with our registration fee. We watched the Elote's Luchadors wrestle and then we went inside to hydrate. By hydrate I mean, take shots. Can you guess which one of these is mine? 

Hint! I don't like Jagermeister. 

Question! Have you ever made your own costume for a race?



04/14/2014 6:19pm

What a FUN race! I would totally rock a luchador mask on a race! haha! ;)

04/14/2014 9:09pm

It was fun! It's harder than you'd think to run in a luchador mask though. But it was totally worth it for the pictures :)

04/14/2014 6:54pm

I don't know which seems like more fun, the jello shots "obstacles" or the free beer afterwards... either way seems like an AWESOME race! What a fun time!

04/14/2014 9:10pm

The jello shots would have been better if they were cold. The beer after the race was perfect!

04/14/2014 7:14pm

We had soooooo much fun at this race!! I was so excited about dressing up for this race i completely forgot about the urban obstacles too! They were also tons of fun. Cant wait til next year!

04/14/2014 9:11pm

Me too! So glad you and Mindy came down for this race! Next year we'll have to step up our costumes a bit!

04/14/2014 8:22pm

I have always avoided obstacle races. I have enough to worry about but this... I could totally get on board with! And the masks and costumes... Awesome!!!

04/14/2014 9:12pm

Thanks Frank! It was so much fun! You could totally pass all the obstacles if you wanted, but what's the fun in that! ;) So I'll see you next year for this race, right?

04/14/2014 10:26pm

That looks like it was so much fun! Love the costumes.

04/14/2014 11:02pm

Thanks! We did! At one point I was laughing so hard I had to stop and walk!

04/15/2014 8:09pm

I haven't made a costume! I'm totally lame. You guys totally rocked it.

04/15/2014 9:23pm

Thanks! And you should totally do a costume in a race! It's fun! Start with a 5K though, that way if you hate it, it won't be such a long race!

04/15/2014 9:24pm

I would totally do this for fun. is it an annual run?

04/15/2014 9:27pm

Yes, it sure is! This year was the 4th year that they have done it. Hoping next year's will be bigger since it will be the 5th year.

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