PictureVentura Marathon Discount Code 2014
This Ginger Kid is really excited to share an update with you!
The Hubbo and I have added a fun race to our race calendar for the fall and we'll be running the Ventura Half Marathon in September!
This is also good news for you as well!  You are probably wondering how me adding a race to my calendar is good for you, right? 

Well do you remember my recent blog post where I told you all I am Going Pro? I recently became a BibRavePro which is an Ambassador for Bibrave.com. They have partnered up with the Ventura Marathon and I'll be out there this fall running the half. 

Here's where the good news for you comes in. The good people at Bibrave and the Ventura Marathon were kind enough to provide me with a discount code to save you all some cash. If you use the code: BibRave10 you'll save $10 off a race entry fee. We all know that running a lot of races can add up quickly so every penny saved is a penny you can apply to your next race! :)

The prices are currently:
Marathon: $100
Half Marathon $70
The prices go up on May 1st so be sure to sign up soon to save the most cash.

Also - I know it's still a few months away but I'd love to meet up with my Blog/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook buddies! Will you be there?

Maybe I can organize an informal meet up? Let me know if you are interested! 

Why I Picked The Ventura Half Marathon

  • The website says the course if flat-ish and made for PRs.
  • The medal looks cool from last year. (Y'all know I love my medals!)
  • The Hubbo hasn't ran a race in California yet.
  • There's an after party at the beach! Boom! Sold!
  • The End.

Question! What elements make you pick a race? Medal? Course? New State?



04/29/2014 9:23pm

That sounds fun! I definitely can't make it, my hubby is already complaining about the run travel I have planned and have already done, in 2014.

04/30/2014 4:29pm

Bummer! But I totally understand. We both run/travel so the expenses add up quick!

02/01/2016 5:14am

Is the Ventura Marathon a good race to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

06/03/2016 2:54pm

Thanks for sharing this detailed article about your race and about this BibRave10 code for the people who want these discounts. There are a lot of people who want to run a marathon and it is the best for them to learn the skills from this blog.


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