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In April, The Hubbo and I went to Vegas to run the Mustang 50th Half Marathon. While we didn't win the car that they were giving away we did manage to have a blast while we were there! We even won something else! 

The Wedding That Didn't Happen

PictureThe Hubbo and I at Luxor
I'm not the world's best planner when it comes to things like planning fun things to do in Vegas. I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and see what kind of shenanigans we can get into kinda gal for this type of thing. 

BUT! Since it was Vegas and so cliche' I thought it would be fun for The Hubbo and I to get married while we were in Vegas! (Yes, I know we have been married for almost 11 years now, you get the idea). The extent of my planning to make this happen included packing a dress and a pair of heels so I'd look put together in the picture. After all, the picture is really what I wanted the most.
I did absolutely ZERO research on price, venues, etc. So the afternoon after the race The Hubbo and I went to a Starbucks, got out our phones, and started to see what it would take to make this happen. When we started pulling up themed Vegas weddings we were a little shocked to see that most of them were in the $800-$1500 range! Um no thanks!

I was thinking like a fast and furious 10 minute ceremony with Elvis leading us as we vowed our Hunk-o-Burning Love for each other with a quick photo and we'd be done with it. And I was hoping to do this all for less than $200. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Elvis! 

Turns out, Vegas has gotten real fancy y'all! The cheapest one we could find was the Wedding Wagon where they meet you at a location and do the ceremony and you buy the pictures or whatever else was in the package but they failed to call me back or answer my text. Rude! 

So, sadly, we weren't able to get married in Vegas. Whomp Whomp! 
But, we are married in real life so that's kinda cool, I guess. ;)

The High Roller

No, The Hubbo and I didn't drop a lot of cash when we were gambling but we did go to one of the newest attractions in Las Vegas, The High Roller at the Linq!
I found out about this by searching Google for fun things to do in Vegas and we also saw it during our Taxi ride when we were coming in from the airport. 

This thing is so cool! It is the world's largest observation wheel reaching 550 feet high above the Las Vegas strip! The ride takes 30 minutes and the price for our 1:30pm ride was about $25 each. I wish we could have done it at night but we had shows to go to and figured during the day was our best bet. The crazy thing about this is that while it is moving pretty slowly, it didn't ever stop. Like ever! You had to get on while it was still in motion! 
The Hubbo and I grabbed a cocktail and headed up to get on the High Roller and we had our fancy camera with us, totally making us look like tourists (#redhairdontcare) but we had a great time and got some pretty cool pics!

The Hubbo and I 550 Feet Above Las Vegas!

The Zombie Apocalypse Store

Err mah gawd!!! Y'all know that The Hubbo and I are HUGE Walking Dead Fans and pretty much love everything about Zombies. Well if you didn't, now you do! We even dressed up as Zombie Killers for Halloween a few years back and I even wrote a blog about how your running bag is a good Bug-out-Bag in case of the Zombie invasion. Anyways, back to the Vegas vacation. Also while searching Google for stuff to do in Vegas I came across a post about the Zombie Apocalypse store and immediately knew we had to make a trip. It turns out that the store was a couple miles away from our hotel but it wasn't really in a part of town that was good for walking. We had to cross a highway and stuff. When we pulled up to the store at first we weren't sure it was the right place or if they were even open. But upon a closer look we saw all the Zombie stuff and knew we'd found it. Too bad we didn't go to this place on Friday night because they have a Zombie killing game with people who dress up and act like Zombies! I'm picturing it paintball style. 
They had the coolest stuff! They had dehydrated food in bulk, bug out bags, weapons, first aid kits, anything you would need for a real disaster but they also had the fun stuff like t-shirts, zombie books, and Twinkies.

Rule #32 Enjoy the little things.
Bonus points for whoever can tell me what movie that is from!

The Hubbo modeling a real bug-out-bag!
Rule #32 Enjoy the Little Things!
The Hubbo being attacked by a ZOMBIE!
The Hubbo and I fighting for our lives!

The Strip

After the race was over we were free to do as much walking as we wanted so the night of the race we saw a show, see below, and we decided just to walk The Strip and see what kind of ginger shenanigans we could get into. When we came up to New York New York, I decided to recreate a miniature ginger version of the Statue of Liberty. It's pretty close to an exact replica I'm sure. ;) 

The Shows

PictureFront of the Jabbawockeez Theater
We ended up seeing two shows while we were there. Both were located in our hotel, the Luxor, so it made for an easy night of entertainment. 
We saw Cris Angel the first night and The Jabbawockeez the second night.
 Both shows were a little over an hour long but I liked the Jabbawockeez the best! 

The Cris Angel show was a little bit of a let down because he didn't do any of his big stunts. I understand that he's in a small venue but I was expecting more than the dove out of a hat trick. Also security was pretty tight there. Once you got into the theater you weren't allowed to take any pictures. I almost got us kicked out for taking the picture below.

So glad I didn't get us kicked out because this picture wouldn't have been worth it! Shortly after I took the picture I could hear the ushers/security on their walkie talkies saying someone took a photo in such and such row. So I turned my phone off and went back to enjoying my cocktail and got to stick around for the show! Whew! 

Gambling + Winning

The Hubbo and I aren't big gamblers and didn't plan on doing much gambling while we are in Vegas. That is because: 
1. We can gamble in Oklahoma at the casinos ran by Native American tribes.
2. It's expensive.
We do like to play slots and I like to play roulette. I quickly lost my $20 on roulette and moved on to the slots where I won big money y'all!
Well not really big, but I turned $5 into $115 so it feels like a big deal. As soon as I hit the $115 I cashed out and walked away! 

The End.

Question! What are you favorite things to do in Las Vegas?



05/04/2014 7:52pm

Looks like you guys had fun!

My hubby and I got married in Vegas with 30 of our closest friends and family. We had so much fun, and I'm so glad I didn't waste thousands of dollars on a traditional wedding.

I didn't realize they had built an observation wheel! It looks a lot like the London Eye.

Congrats on the quick cash! I prefer Roulette myself.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/04/2014 9:53pm

That's awesome! I would have loved to do that when we first got married but we were so young. For our 10 year anniversary we talked about going out there with friends to renew our vows but decided on a cruise instead. Maybe for our 15...

05/04/2014 8:23pm

Hey! Sounds like a fun trip! I'm in Vegas right now for a girls' trip. Tonight's our last night, and we're planning to ride the High Roller as a grand finale!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/04/2014 9:54pm

I hope you had a great time! Let me know what you think about the high roller! That's a perfect ending to Vegas!

05/04/2014 8:27pm

I saw Penn & Teller at the Rio. Awesome show! Funny and amazing. I'm assuming that drink you had at the high roller was some sort of special hydrating concoction in preperation for the half. Sounds like you had a great trip. Plus you made a hundred bucks! Glad you guys had fun.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/04/2014 9:56pm

Ah! We would have loved to see them! And I was rehydrating like a boss!!! :) we had all this fun after the half. Thank goodness!

05/29/2014 7:21am

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