Hi Running Buddies!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Today I decided it was time to share with you my story about THE BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER

In my last blog post you all know that I celebrated my birthday recently but what you didn't know was all the shenanigans that took place after that post was published! 

If you don't read any more of this post, at least look at the pictures from my birthday event! 

Friday Night

Last Friday Night (now that Katy Perry song is stuck in your head isn't it? #You'reWelcome) I went to Happy Hour after some of my friends got off work. We went to bar called Baker's Street which is Sherlock Holmes themed and isn't too far from my house. That night Happy Hour turned into Appetizer Hour and then Desert Hour. It was a lot of fun, but since I was off work and didn't know how busy the bar would be, I got there super early and got us a table for our entire group. Turns out, day drinking by yourself at 5:00pm on a Friday while sitting at a table made for 8 people isn't a normal thing. Weird! I got a lot of funny looks from people while I sat alone at my GIANT table waiting on my friends with a beer or two. It's ok, don't feel bad for me. Me and Mr. Beer had a good time while we waited. 

Saturday Morning

The Hubbo and I got up super early on Saturday morning and drove an hour north to his parent's house. We left Tulsa on about 5 hours of sleep to walk a 5K with my Mother-In-Law. The 5K was a small race that wasn't chip timed and had a pretty small turn out. Every time I tried to run ahead of The Hubbo and his mom to get "action shots" with my camera for the blog, she would take off running! 
Linda, we really need to work on your race photo etiquette! :) 

We all had a good time bantering back and forth and we even didn't finish last so that's cool. I think we finished around 51 or 52 minutes.
After the race, they had a drawing for about a billion "door" prizes and The Hubbo won a Oil Change and Car Wash from a local dealership. I won nothing. ::Insert Sad Music Here:: They clearly didn't know that it was my birthday weekend. Or didn't care. Either way...Rude! :) 

Saturday Night Shenanigans!

PictureTeam Zombie Killers ready for the Hunt!
Each time I throw a party I like to try to do something fun and different than the norm. This year was probably my favorite event of all time! I started planning this party about 3-4 weeks in advance and all I did was set up a Facebook invite and tell my friends we were going to do a "fun activity." A few weeks later I updated the event and told them to wear team shirts, bring their cell phones, and meet me in a random parking lot. Classy, I know! Why the even agreed to such a non-detailed and slightly creepy invitation for the night, I don't know! 

When we all got there I let the cat out of the bag and told them we were doing a scavenger hunt around Tulsa! They had to collect the items or take pictures with the items and then meet up 2 hours later at the restaurant. There were even prizes up for grabs worth $90 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! 

Once the two hour time limit was over, we met up at the restaurant and exchanged scavenger hunt stories. There were tall tales of fast driving, approaching strangers, stalking Sonic Car Hops, and running through a few local Wal-Marts all in the pursuit of fun and winning first place!

The best part about this was the dinner conversation. Even though not all my friends knew each other, this gave us plenty of common material to talk about and there was never a dull moment or lull in conversation at dinner. Seriously, the best! 

Also in a couple months I hope my friends go through the pictures on their phones and look back and all the fun shenanigans of the night and get a little chuckle out of the ridiculous pictures they collected. 

The Scavenger Hunt List

1 Point Items
  •          Blue Car Pic
  •          Silver SUV Pic
  •          Stranger’s Tattoo Pic
  •          Ginger Stranger Pic
  •          Orange Road Cone Pic
  •          Check In at a random place on Facebook
  •          Take a Selfie with a Gas Pump
  •          Collect 1 Ketchup Packet
  •          Collect Salt and Pepper Packet
  •          Ask Stranger for their autograph
  •          Tulsa Penguins Pic – 1 Pt for each unique penguin
  •          Ride Coin Operated Toy – Pic
  •          Golden Arches – Pic
  •          Take a Selfie with your team

3 Point Items
  •          Nissan Juke Pic
  •          Scion XB Pic
  •          Stranger’s Tramp Stamp  Pic
  •          Female Redheaded Stranger  Pic
  •          Man walking small dog Pic
  •          Custom License Plate Pic 
  •          Runner Pic
  •          Bathroom Graffiti  Pic
  •          Golden Driller Pic
  •          Admiral Twin Pic

5 Point Items
  •          Get a Stranger’s Autograph have stranger hold autograph & get pic!
  •          Misspelled Marquee Pic
  •          Biker Fox Pic
  •          ORU Praying Hands Pic
  •          Blue Nissan Juke Pic 
  •          Silver Scion XB Pic 
  •          Sonic Car Hop Pic
  •          Buy Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups – Give to Birthday Girl :)
  •          Pay Phone Pic
  •          Leprechaun Pic – 10 points!
  •          Unicorn Pic – 10 points! 

Scavenger Hunt Pics

The After Party

After dinner a handful of us wanted to go to one of my favorite dive bars and continue the fun. We didn't realize it was karaoke night, but that was just an added bonus and a thoughtful birthday surprise for me on behalf of the bar I'm sure. The bar guy gave me a free shot in honor of my birthday (how sweet) and it was the WORST SHOT EVER! It was called Dragon's Blood or Dragon's Breath but it was AWFUL! It was so hot and spicy that I couldn't take the whole thing and it made my mouth hurt for at least 3.5 minutes. Ugh! Never trust the bar guy when he says he'll give you a free shot but it's HIS choice! Lesson learned! 

After we left the bar, Team Jager was staying with me so we, of course, had to have a few shots of Jager at the house. I was able to easily convince Lindsay that she needed to model my super fancy and oh-so-sweet adult onesie that her mom bought for me back in 6th grade! Yes I still have it and yes it still fits! 

Around midnight, after several hours of drinking and a full bottle of Jager later, we decided it was a good idea to bake cookies. Because, you know, of course it is! 

Obviously they were super delicious! 
Luckily we managed to pull that off with only minor burns on my behalf because I suck at taking things out of the oven and not letting hot things touch my skin even when alcohol isn't involved. Oh and the house is still standing. Whew! 

At the end of the night, we managed to make sure the oven was off, the lights were off, the alarm was set before we all went to bed. I felt pretty good about my level of responsibility until the next morning when I realized I left the garage door open all night. Oops! Fail! Oh well, #YOLO! 

Midnight Cookies!

Question! What did you do for your Birthday?



05/27/2014 8:06pm

Dude, I'm good for at least 12 points without even leaving the house - where's MY prize? ;)

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
05/27/2014 10:08pm

That's it?!? I figured you'd be at least in the 100+ club! You'd better get to work!

05/29/2014 6:57am

I kind of think a shot called Dragon's Blood WOULD be terrible :) But I LOVE the scavenger hunt idea! So fun and creative. Glad you had an awesome birthday celebration!

05/29/2014 8:04am

Right? If I had known before hand what it was called I probably would have politely passed. Or at least negotiated for my typical wimpy shot of choice. LOL

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