PictureBirthday Girl Wearing My New Necklace!
Today is my birthday! I'm home from work today because my company is super cool and we get our birthday off as a holiday. #YouShouldBeJealous

Last month a friend and fellow blogger, Bethany aka Half Marathon Mama, did something cool on her Birthday and listed 31 things about her on her 31st bday. I thought to myself that I should really do that because my birthday is coming up. And then I thought, how am I going to come up with 31 things??!?? 

There's a problem with my logic, y'all. 

I'm not turning 31. I was already 31 when I read her post. I turned 32 today. But for some reason in my mind even though I knew I was 31, I wasn't going to be 32. I was still going to be 31. I know, I know! It doesn't make sense! 

I even thought about my upcoming birthday all the time over the last month and it didn't even occur to me that I was going to be 32 UNTIL THIS WEEK! Like 3 days ago! I was totally blown away! I guess it was my way of telling myself subconsciously that I am ready to stop aging! Ugh, is that possible? Can I just stop aging now?

32 Things About Me Because I Am 32

  1. Up until 3 days ago I just knew I was celebrating my 31st Birthday today
  2. I was wrong, I'm 32 ::Insert Sad Music Here::
  3. I think I'm Funny, The Hubbo may or may not agree
  4. I like to take pictures of The Hubbo when he's sleeping
  5. He thinks #4 is creepy
  6. I don't own anything that is Pink
  7. I never take myself too seriously
  8. I am not a girl that cries a lot 
  9. I crave sugar like a crack fiend (Great, now I want a cookie)
  10. I just recently started to like avocados
  11. The picture above is me wearing a Squash Blossom necklace my mother-in-law made. She used beads from my paternal grandmother's Native American jewelry shop that we salvaged when we cleaned out her house recently. It was made with love and is now my favorite necklace because it represents both sides of my family! (My side and the Hubbo's side)
  12. I have trouble spelling the word restaurant every. single. time.
  13. Oh my god, we are only on #13
  14. My hometown, Pawhuska, has the largest armature rodeo in the world each July! Be jealous!
  15. I say "y'all" a lot on purpose because I think it's fun
  16. I competed in pole vaulting in high school and was terrible at it
  17. I painted my nails last night to match the paint job on my car
  18. The Hubbo and I met when I was in High School
  19. I'm pretty sure the Thunder won last night as an early birthday present to me. You're Welcome!
  20. I just finished a 3 day juice fast
  21. I've worked at the same company for 7 years
  22. I sing to The Hubbo every time we get in the car even though I'm a terrible singer
  23. He doesn't sing along with me. Rude!
  24. I sold ballet shoes, tights, and leotards in college but I've never taken dance lessons
  25. 24 is my favorite number
  26. Blah Blah Blah
  27. No one is probably reading this at this point anyway
  28. I just remembered I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer
  29. I wake up at 7:19 every day and have to be at work at 8:00. I'm never late.
  30. I have 9 blog posts in my drafts just waiting to come out and play
  31. I'm a notary
  32. My newest obsession is SnapChat 
The Hubbo's Bday present to me! Love it!

Question! How do you plan to celebrate your Birthday?



05/16/2014 11:29am

Happy birthday. Hope you have a great one. Awesome that you get it off from work.

I have about 7 posts in draft, but most of those are waiting ito be written and are just some quick notes.

And now I want a cookie too.
At least I have none in the house.
I think.
Better not check.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:28pm

Thanks John! Well did you get a cookie after my blog sparked your craving? :) Sorry!

05/16/2014 11:39am

Happy Birthday Sarah

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:28pm

Thank you! It's been a great day!

05/16/2014 11:52am

Happy Birthday!!!

We do read your posts! ;)

Thanks for the fun post! As for celebrating my bday, we usually go on a hike, then do a fun dinner.

Enjoy your day!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:29pm

Thanks Sharon!
I like how you celebrate! One year I ran a 5k with some friends, I need to do that again!

jen wehrenberg
05/16/2014 12:33pm

Happy Birthday!!!!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:30pm

Thanks Jen! Today has been so great!

05/16/2014 12:52pm

I believe blah blah blah was my favorite, or no one is reading this!

Happy birthday :)

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:30pm

Thank you! Good to know someone was reading them! ;)
Thanks for the inspiration again!

Amber S.
05/16/2014 1:49pm

Three things... 1) Happy Birthday, again. 2) I thought I was turning 34, instead of 35. 3) My favorite number is 25. This is why we are friends.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:31pm

Haha yes! This is EXACTLY why we are friends! See you tomorrow!

05/16/2014 3:50pm

I own a pink tutu. Yes, I have in fact worn it in public. I can give it to you if you need something pink. Oh yes, Happy birthday!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:32pm

Haha! I think it's awesome when guys wear pink! I'll let you keep the tutu for now :)
Thanks for the bday wishes!

05/16/2014 5:09pm

I read all of them silly....lol...miss your pretty smile....

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2014 11:33pm

Aww Thanks Angela! I miss you too!

06/18/2015 7:26am

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