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Hello Running Buddies!

Long time no blog! Well it feels like that anyways. 
Recently on Twitter I announced that I had to take a small break from running and people were super encouraging and thoughtful in their responses. Thanks so much! They also asked if I had been injured. That's a hard question to answer so I thought a blog was necessary to share the story. 
Technically, no, I'm not injured. I didn't fall and break anything nor was I dealing with any IT band issues or Plantar Fasciitis, thank goodness! But I was following my Doctor's orders of no activity for two weeks to let my body heal. Here's the scoop...

Early in July I got a bug bite of some kind. That's not abnormal at all being as I've been spending time at the lake, at the pool, and my backyard is filled with bugs and other things like squirrels and bunny rabbits, and let's not forget that the mosquitos freaking LOVE me! I get a lot of bites every summer. Not bunny or squirrel bites, just to be clear. 
So when I turned up with a bite on the back of my leg after a visit to the lake, I wasn't at all alarmed. I just assumed that, like all of them, it would be a small annoyance until it went away. 

Side note - due to my PCOS coupled with insulin resistance, my cuts/bites tend to heal sort of slowly.

After 6 or 7 days I still had the bite on the back of my leg. Oh and we are not talking about the part of your leg above the back of my knee or the back of the calf, but the sorta embarrassing part of your leg where you thigh meets your butt. Awesome.  

Around day 8 of having the bug bite I noticed it was getting kinda red and bigger. Not cool. So I tried treating it at home with over the counter meds. Spoiler Alert! Didn't work.

By day 10, it was so painful I couldn't walk right. I thought I had been bitten by a spider so the next day I went to the doctor to have him take a look at it. Turns out it was not a spider bite, but just some kind of bite that got infected. Gross, I know! My doctor prescribed some antibiotics, a tetanus shot in the arm, and another ointment to take care of it.

By that night, the spot on my leg had gotten so swollen and big and just happened to be in the most inconvenient spot ever, and I couldn't sit down! I also couldn't drive, wear clothing that touched the spot, or even lay down on my back. The next day (Friday) I had to make a super embarrassing call to my CEO and tell her I couldn't come to work because my butt hurt. Not. even. joking!
So I called in to work and and my boss was super understanding and I took the day off and laid face down waiting for my antibiotics to kick in. (See the picture above.)
Sounds awesome, right? 

Every time I would lay face down for any amount of time, my back/kidneys would start to hurt. So I spent an entire weekend laying in various awkward positions trying to find a comfortable way to relax. By the following Monday the antibiotics had not even touched it and it was even harder to walk so I called in to work again and went back to the doctor. 

He ended up working some "doctor magic" and upped my medication to three times a day. I went back to work on Tuesday for a half day but had to take a pillow with me. Trying to find a comfortable way to sit down for multiple hours wasn't easy. I ended up just using my pillow to protect my knees and just had to kneel at my desk.
By Wednesday I could finally manage to awkwardly sit down on my chair with a pillow for protection. I had to cross my infected leg over my good leg and kind of lean to the side so I looked all cool and casual all day with my swagger-lean going on in my office. Kinda like this...
By Friday I was able to ditch the pillow all together and just sit like a normal person! Yay!

Then Sunday hit and so did my allergic reaction to my medication. Turns out I'm allergic to the antibiotics I was taking 3 times a day. Not Awesome.

Luckily I've gotten that all straightened out now and I was finally able to pick back up on my training this week. My runs haven't been great but I'm glad to be back out there. Thank goodness I can get my training underway because I have the Ventura Half Marathon in just 5 weeks! I'll probably have to realign my goals and just go for the fun of the race and not try to PR since I've not been able to build a base at all yet and definitely haven't been able to do any speed work. Which is totally fine with me.
I'm really excited about this race because I'll get to meet up with a bunch of my Twitter buddies from that side of the country, George, Clarinda, Katie, Marvin, Diane, and I'll get to hopefully meet fellow #BibRavePro Alex! Let me know if you are running either the full or the half at the Ventura marathon, I'd love to say hi! 

Question! Have you ever had to adjust your race goals?



07/31/2014 6:48pm

Have you started a band called the IT band? Because if you have I'm, A. Offended that I'm not a member as I do work in IT, and B confused by the fact you can injure a band. Glad you are getting better!

07/31/2014 9:01pm

Thanks JJ! And I wouldn't dare think of starting an IT Band with out you! :)

07/31/2014 8:41pm

Wow Sarah, what an awful experience...glad you are on the mend!

07/31/2014 9:02pm

Thanks Terri! Definitely much much better now.

07/31/2014 9:55pm

I'm glad you are on the mend.
For me. I think one of the running truisms that I've heard is that once you start running, if you keep at it, you can improve your race times for 10 years. For me, that was about 12 years ago when my 10 year clock ran out. So yep, I've had to adjust plenty.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
08/01/2014 2:10pm

Thanks Alan!
I've never heard that ten year rule. That's pretty interesting! I had better shape up fast if I want to ever qualify for Boston! I have a long way to go!

07/31/2014 9:58pm

I have had to change my goals before plenty of times due to injury and just plain life.

BTW glad your back and doing OK.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
08/01/2014 2:11pm

Thanks Eric! Glad I'm not alone!

07/31/2014 10:32pm

I'm going to call into work because my butt hurts, it's just fun to say! Glad you are in the mend, and please keep the bugs away from you leg/butt region, sounds painful.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
08/01/2014 2:13pm

Thanks Bethany! Let me know how that phone call works out for you! :)

08/01/2014 7:12am

Whoa... Now there's a medical form I don't want to fill out: "symptoms? Well my butt hurts..."
Very happy to hear you are better. I was missing your posts.

RunGingerRunBlog - Sarah
08/01/2014 2:15pm

LoL Right? I swear you can't make this stuff up!

08/01/2014 9:37pm

My mom had a similar infection with a bug bite a few weeks ago, although it was on her foot so she didn't have the sitting/laying down issues. It was super swollen and read and scary. I'm glad you are doing better now and back to running. Good luck at Ventura!

01/18/2016 12:00pm

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