Happy Friday Running Buddies!
Today's blog post is not about running or being a Ginger. It's about it being FRIDAY and it's time to Laugh! 

It never fails that when you hang out with a group of your friends, someone mentions a funny YouTube video and then the next 30 minutes is spent in a blur of laughter while crowded around someones phone watching everyone's favorite videos. You know it's true! It happened to me last weekend at a birthday party. Happy Birthday Chad! 

My current favorite video is a true and hilariously detailed account of the right of passage all girls experience at least once, Girls Night Out! If you have ever tried to organize a GNO or been a part of the drama that is surely a part of every girl's night out,  you have to watch this video! If you are a guy who has ever wondered what girls are talking about when they are out, I'm pretty sure this is a 100% accurate account and you need to watch this video! 

Oh, this is NSFW by the way....  

1. Girls Night

2. The Dad's Side of the Story

It's a Father's rebuttal to the popular song Rude by Magic!
You know you have a hit when the lyrics "I'm going to punch your face"  and my personal favorite "I may be a Christian, but I'll go to prison" show up in a YouTube song...

3. Girl in a Country Song

Growing up in a small town that just so happens to be the home of the Largest Amateur Rodeo in the World this one hits close to home in a hilarious parody of the stereotype of girls in music videos! Specifically country songs. 

I think it is clever, has just the right amount of girl power, and you have to admit they did a good job of making fun of that stereotype. Plus, putting boys in girls clothing is always hilarious in my book! 

4. Oh My Dayum!

This one is a bit long, but you have to watch the original YouTube video of this guy reviewing Fat Guy's Burgers and Fries before you can truly appreciate the parody song at the end of this! 
Oh, also NSFW!

Question! What's Your Favorite YouTube Video Right Now?



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