Hi Running Buddies!

How has your week been so far? Got any big plans this weekend? I'm running the Oklahoma Purple Stide 5K . But first, let me tell you a fun little story about how my week started...

We had a little scare early Tuesday morning. Look at the picture to the left and that pretty much sums up this blog post in one dog shaming photo! 

That is my dog, Zoey. She's a 12 year old chihuahua who evidently decided we needed more excitement in our life on Tuesday morning. We typically keep her in the bathroom where she can't get into anything and she has room to move around, eat, and hang out in her dog bed. Tuesday when I left for work, I did my usual routine and put Zoey away, and then drove to the office. Around 8:30 I got a text from The Hubbo that the alarm had been tripped and he was going to check it out. I, being the paranoid person that I am, immediately assumed that there were at least 6 robbers breaking into our house again. (Yes, again!) So I left work, and met him at the house. I got there first but wasn't brave enough to go inside alone. When he got there, he had his bat and was ready to "crack some skulls". When we got inside we noticed the alarm had been tripped but it said it was from a motion sensor. Not an entry sensor. Weird. We originally thought maybe something fell over. Oklahoma has been having a TON of earthquakes lately. No joke! As we are walking through our living room looking for signs of something that was out of place, all of a sudden the couch moved and barked! 
And that's when we knew...
Yes, our 5lb dog had somehow let herself out of the bathroom (She's magic) and jumped up on our couch and set off the alarm! So the alarm dispatch company called The Hubbo who tried to give the password but they rejected it and the cops were called and had to come check everything out! Luckily the officer was nice and just checked The Hubbo's ID and we were back on our way to work.

Leave A Comment! Has anything silly/exciting happened to you this week?



08/22/2014 6:55am

Ay chihuahua...

RunGingerRun - Sarah
08/24/2014 5:51pm

Exactly! She's a mess!


Nothing that exciting took place for me this week.

Just the normal antics of my almost 3 year old, like putting her play phone in her underwear because she didn't have pockets at the time... because she wasn't wearing pants...

RunGingerRun - Sarah
08/24/2014 5:52pm

LOL Sounds like a cute story! She get's an A+ for creative problem solving! :)

06/09/2015 10:40pm

The Hubbo that the alarm had been tripped and he was going to check it out.

02/15/2016 11:22am

This is really an interesting article you have shared here to tell the whole story. It is so interesting and good to know that you take care of these things. The dog, Zoey is so nice and your idea to share it here is so lovely.


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