Take a good look at the picture on the left. There's something wrong with it. Can you see it? Before I explain what's wrong, let me tell you a little about this picture. Even though it's not perfect, it's my favorite race photo! 

This photo was taken by a local race photographer Dr. Chris Barnes at the Jenks Half Marathon in November 2013. I barely remember seeing him around mile 4 of the race but flashed this quick smile and wave and kept going. Later this photo popped up on the media and I fell in love with it! (That sounds so vain but it's hard to get a good race photo!) I use this photo for all of my AVIs for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. So if it looks so familiar to you, that's why. 

Okay, let's talk about the problem with it. Look at my fuel belt. Can you see next to the 6 on my bib that I wear an iPod Shuffle? Better yet, can you tell that my ear bud cord runs up my shirt (don't get weird), out the top of my shirt, and into my right ear? Of course you can. Ugh! Talk about ruining my favorite photo!

I always have music playing for my long runs and all my races. It helps me get through those miles that are really tough. But all my race photos have that silly white cord hanging around in them. Am I the only one that has this problem? Or that thinks it looks silly?

This problem is about to change. As part of the perks of being an Ambassador for Bibrave.com or as we like to call ourselves, BibRavePros, I was sent a pair of the Jabra Rox wireless ear buds to try out and review and they sound amazing! I can't wait to get on the plane this weekend and fly out to California for the Ventura Half Marathon because I'll be taking these with me to listen to my music on the plane to help the time go by.

Here's what I like about these:
1. They are wireless! Hello new race photo!
2. They are small and travel easily. Look at the photo below. 
3. They sound amazing! It's easy to get lost in your  music when you run if you have good sound and then the miles will just tick by! At least for me, that's how it usually works and that's why I love running with music.  
4. Rox Wireless has power-saving magnets - when you’re not using the ear buds, simply clip them together around your neck and the magnets will activate the power-saving mode.
5. Battery Power For Days! Literally! And it tells you via a verbal cue when it's time to recharge the battery. 
  • Talk Time: Up to 5.5 hours
    Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
  • Standby Time: Up to 432 hours
    Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on
  • Music Play Time: 6 hour
    Music Play Time is the maximum time you can play music before a device runs out of power

6. I love not being tethered to my phone/iPod. I typically wear my iPod on my fuel belt and that can be tricky when you are trying to take it off to hit up a quick bathroom break during a race but your wires are laced through your shirt! Now that problem is solved. I can take off my belt, not be tangled, and hit the bathroom and go. 

If you are interested in buying your own pair, click here
They sell for $129.99 which really isn't bad considering how many other running items we buy that don't last long or we only wear for a few months. My example is the custom orthotics I had made for my feet to help with my plantar fasciitis. They cost over $100 + the cost of a Dr's visit and I wore them for two weeks and quit.   
The website says they offer free shipping to orders over $99 and orders ship within 1 business day. 
Still need more info? Check out Jeremy's review of the Jabra Rox Wireless Ear Buds here and you can read Angie's review here

Tips for Using Your Jabra Rox Wireless Earbuds

1. Since you'll be using your phone you probably are worried about your phone battery life playing music and using the Bluetooth feature, right?
Don't worry! Just turn your phone to Airplane mode, then connect via Bluetooth and you can still use your Jabra Rox ear buds and your phone battery won't drain as fast! I do it all the time with other Bluetooth devices and it's great! And it's not like you need to be sending emails in the middle of your run anyways. 

2. I always have my phone with me and my iPod Shuffle. Now I only need one. The Bluetooth set up is super easy. When you turn on your ear buds there is a voice that walks you through the process or you can just read the directions. 

3. Since the good people at Jabra know that all ears are not created equal, they offer three different sizes of buds and three sizes of the little wings to help you get the fit just right. So the first time you open up your new wireless ear buds, give yourself plenty of time to play with the fit to get them to stay in. It takes a little time to get the hang of getting the fit since you may need to try a few different combinations of buds and wings until you get the custom fit you need. 
Also - watch the video below for help.

If you are looking for a new pair of ear buds or looking to go wireless, I suggest these! 

Questions! Do you listen to music when you run or workout? What do you do on the plane to pass the time?



I always listen to music and hate having to deal with the cords! Do they mention anything about being water resistant? I am a very sweaty person when I run (especially in the summer) and am concerned with damaging them early on...

On the plane, I usually watch movies/tv shows, read, or play games. Good luck this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it went :)

RunGingerRun - Sarah
09/05/2014 3:58pm

Thanks Heather! This product doesn't mention anything about being water/sweat resistant, but they have the Jabra Sport Rox Wireless which say they can take a beating and keep going! Also seems like they also say they are sweat and storm-proof!

09/11/2014 11:30pm

So fun to read your blog. Glad you stopped by Very Ventura and found some great stuff. Hope you enjoy the Ocean/Beach blocks. I myself didn't run the half but my morning jog took me along its route, it was fun to trot along with everyone for a couple of miles.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
09/12/2014 7:34am

Thanks Brittany! It was a super cute shop with a lot of great stuff in it.
Any races coming up for you?


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09/16/2014 12:07pm

They look pretty nice. I've been thinking about getting good bluetooth headphones for running. For me its about finding a pair that are comfortable, sound good, sweat proof and last a long time.

How's the cord on the back? Is it a minor annoyance or do you not really notice it?

RunGingerRun - Sarah
09/17/2014 2:47pm

I didn't really notice the cord as long as my hair was all the way up. But for the guys with short hair, probably won't notice it too much. Be sure to check out all their styles. They have a few other sports styles too. Sweat proof is something they mention too.

11/25/2014 3:44am

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04/20/2015 7:22pm

Considering these for my runs, however, most of my runners have always had the hook that goes over/behind the ear so that they stay fit without being constantly adjusted. Did you have to adjust these a lot or do they stay in place pretty well?

RunGingerRun - Sarah
04/22/2015 9:52pm

These worked great for some and not as well for others. They have another pair that has an over-the-ear design that is also wireless that I tried and liked as well. These comes with TONS of ear guards to help get the right fit so you should be able to find a good fit. Just takes some practice.


I am extremely happy for the tips provided here on the usage of jebra wireless earbuds. I am so inspired by them and really wanna get these earbuds for myself.

02/25/2016 3:09pm

Hey Sarah,
I recently got these but had to return them. Due to sweat on the controls, they stopped working for a while. Just read fine print and just realised that while they claim it's sweat proof, it's not. They have another set called "Jabra Sport Rox" similar to this but with bit better water protection. I'm going to try it next.

03/24/2016 11:20am

No doubt, she is really a good and best runner indeed. I just love her way of running and her physic.

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