PictureHydrating... Like a boss!
All runners know that hydration is important. If you don't, take my word for it and save yourself some trouble. But really, it is a big deal. Here is a fun little story of how I was reminded of that a few weeks ago during my most recent race.

Do you follow me on Twitter? A few weeks ago I posted the picture to the left with the description "Hydrating Like A Boss!" Let's back up a moment and explore some important things to know about this picture.
1. It's an Angry Orchard Apple Cider
2. This was taken on a Friday Night in September
3. Saturday morning I had a double race day (5K + Quarter Marathon)
4. I'm a lightweight and one drink can sometimes be PLENTY for me!

Ok, back to the lesson I learned the hard way. So Friday night a few co-workers and I decide it would be a good idea to go to Happy Hour. I haven't been to a HH in FOREVER so I was excited to go. One downfall of your long training runs being on Saturday morning is that your Friday nights are kind of lame. ::Insert Sad Music Here:: 
So the Hubbo, my co-workers, and I have a good time at HH and I had that one drink. Fast forward to the next morning. I'm running the 5k and I feel awful. It's hot, it's humid, I drank the night before, and to top it all off, I'm on a new medication that is a potassium sparing diuretic! Not a good combination for a race! So long story short, the 5k was bad, and the Quarter marathon was even worse. I was dehydrated! I had the worst headache all day after that. 

Here's my suggestion for next time you want to have a drink with your pals before a run or a race.
You should check out a new drink that I was able to try being as I'm an BibRavePro ambassador fort Bibrave.com
It's called Hoist and it is a Perfectly Isotonic Drink. 

Wondering what Isotonic means? I'm pretty sure it means fast. No, not instantly make you qualify for Boston fast, More so in terms that it hydrates you faster than other drinks you may see on the shelf. (See chart below for comparison)

 According to the website here's what it really means: 

"An isotonic drink has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to your body, meaning that your body will absorb them faster than water alone. Because Hoist is isotonic, your body can start absorbing rejuvenating electrolytes from the first sip. Your body doesn't have to do any work to give your cells a drink. Plus, Hoist does not contain any added colors or high fructose corn syrup. It’s a no-brainer for when you really need to rehydrate fast."

RunGingerRun's Review of Hoist

When I found out we got to try out Hoist I wasn't expecting such a large shipment. I received 6 bottles of Strawberry Lemonade and 6 bottles of Starfruit and a spike bag! Thank you Hoist and Bibrave! 

I immediately popped these in the fridge to cool them down to have before my next run. My weekday miles are starting to get long (5-7 miles) and it's still pretty warm here in Oklahoma so hydration is important. Before my run I decided to try the Strawberry Lemonade first. I like the taste a lot better than Gatorade or Powerade. For the taste, think about the sweet and tart flavor of lemonade you buy at a convenience store in a 16 oz bottle and to me, this flavor is similar.  
The Starfruit flavor is also sweet but is a little lighter. 
I mentioned above that I'm on a new medication that is a diuretic. The first long run I did on my new meds I got the worst headache later. I'm pretty sure it was from dehydration. But this weekend after my 16 mile run, I drank a Hoist and didn't have a headache at all. So I'm definitely sold on the benefits of this drink.
You can click here and see if Hoist is sold near you. They are currently expanding their market and a little birdie told me they would be hopefully be expanding to Oklahoma in 2015! Fingers crossed!
They do sell their product on Amazon, but I hear it sells out quickly. Texas friends, you're in luck! They seem to be all over your state!

ProTip - To me Hoist tastes better chilled versus room temperature! Well that and most drinks really.

Hoist Facts!

  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • No Chemicals
  • No Toxins
  • 70 Calories per 16.9 oz bottle
  • 3 Flavors - Strawberry Lemonade, Starfruit, and Orange
  • Faster than water in hydration
  • Contains Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium 
  • Ginger Tested and Ginger Approved :) 

Check out this graphic to see how Hoist compares to your other drinks. 

Two out of two Ginger's Approve of Hoist!

Question! Do you get headaches after a long run?



10/09/2014 6:59am

I had never heard of isotonic drinks. The nutrition profile sure looks solid. Especially compared to "sports drinks" AND could theoretically alleviate a hangover? Put me down for a truckload. Lol Hope they make it all the way here.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
10/09/2014 5:50pm

Right? I know a lot of people who could use a hangover fix! LOL
If they do make it your way, definitely pick some up and try them! So yummy!

10/30/2015 5:30am

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Thank you for sharing a detailed review of hoist.

07/27/2017 5:21am

Thank you for sharing your review with us.


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