PictureNicholas Norfolk and I before the Blogger's Panel
I already know exactly what you are thinking. That is the most random mash-up of a blog title that you've ever laid your pretty little eyes on, huh? Well it's too bad that "Meeting Bart Yasso, Blogger's Panel, Volunteering at the Expo, and Random Pics from Route 66" didn't fit in the title line. Weird. 
Well what can you do? I have a few topics to talk about but I don't think any of them are single-post worthy on their own. So blog mash-up it is! 

Now before you send me hate mail, I know, I know Bart Yasso is DEFINITELY worthy of his own post! But what can ya do? 

Meeting Bart Yasso

PictureSassy #Bartie
A few days before the Route 66 Marathon I sent a tweet to Bart Yasso that I was excited to see him at the Expo and hoped we could get a pic together. Stalker Pro Tip #1. Tweet in advance that you are looking to meet and get a pic! 

I was actually just putting evidence out there in case any stalking charges would be filed against me later, but it turns out, I didn't need to! Bart replied to my tweet and said we could get a pic! Whew! Stalker Pro Tip #2. Don't be shy! When I first got to the Expo Bart was alone and setting up for his upcoming talk he was about to give. But I got too shy to approach him. Just when I was about to walk up to him, he walked over and started talking to the guys at the Marathon Maniacs booth! Fail! Then when I finally went up to him after he spoke he said he remembered me and we were able to get our Bartie! That's what selfies with Bart Yasso are called apparently. I was lucky enough that we got to take two together. A normal one and a sassy one. The sassy one is my favorite and I'm totally taking suggestion for the best caption for this pic! 

The Route 66 Marathon Blogger's Panel

PictureT-Rex, RunGingerRun, Running Jacksons, and Angie
A couple weeks before the Expo at Route 66 I got a message from one of the Race Directors asking me if I was running in the race and if I was available to be a part of the Blogger's Panel on Saturday. I immediately agreed and was super excited. I had actually attended the panel as an audience member the previous two years and really enjoyed it. 
I had the honor to join these fellow runners and bloggers for a 45 minute Q&A about blogging and running. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait for Route 66 next year! The Hubbo and I are already planning to run the half and the 5k.  

The other fab bloggers:
Danielle Hastings http://trexrunner.com/ 
Becky Jackson http://runningjacksons.blogspot.com/
Angie Whitworth Pace http://www.angiepaceruns50.blogspot.com/

Blogger's Panel Live Action Shot!

Volunteering at the Expo

PictureBlinky bling and handing out bibs, like a boss!
I've been running in races since 2010 and before last weekend had never actually volunteered at a race. It's been on my mind for a year that I need to volunteer as a way to give back to the running community, but never made it a priority. Until the Route 66 Marathon Weekend. RT66 makes it very enticing to be a volunteer. Here's why:

1.  You get a coin for volunteering. You all know I'm a sucker for bling!
2. There is a post-race volunteer party! Umm hello?! I like to party! 
3. They make it very easy to sign up and have a long list of areas you can help. Everything from packet pickup to course marshal to expo tear down.
4. It let's you see some behind the scenes aspect of the race.  I now have a whole new respect for race directors, volunteers, and outlook on being a participant of a large scale race. 

I volunteered for 2 shifts on Friday before the race on Sunday. From 10-1:00 I worked the packet pickup table. It was crazy busy from 11-1! We could literally tell when they opened the doors. From 1:30-4:30 I worked the shirt table where it was much more chill but I had a run in with a VERY RUDE and somewhat well known racer from Oklahoma. I will say that for the most part, the running community held true to their reputation of being awesome! So overall, it was a great experience! 

One of the cool things about being at the Expo all day on Friday was that it was super easy to pick up my shirt from Okies Rock that I won on Instagram! I met Adam before the Expo really got started and when I went back to the Okies Rock booth to claim my prize he totally hooked a ginger up! 

Check them out on Instagram to see some of their awesome line if you are an Okie or fan of us Okies! They have their merchandise in stores in Tulsa, OKC, Harrah, Sapulpa, and Bixby. 
And just in case you didn't already know...#OkiesRock!

More Pics from Route 66 Weekend

Random Silliness before the Route 66 5k!
Got to meet my Twitter buddy Luis G. at the Blogger's Panel!
Bumped into another Twitter pal Laura before the marathon!

Questions! Have you ever volunteered at your hometown race? Are you coming to Route 66 next year?



11/26/2014 8:06am

Hey look at you on a Blogger's Panel and hanging with Bart Yasso. Just remember us "regular" folk when enjoying the big time. Lol

RunGingerRun - Sarah
11/28/2014 9:42am

Lol! Thanks Frank! It was such a great weekend! This is probably as big-time as it gets. Haha!


Love the photos of you and Bart, especially since you're wearing the orange :) Way to represent! Every time I think about volunteering for race day, I end up registering instead. It's horrible. I really do want to volunteer soon - hand out water or whatever is needed (hopefully something where I can cheer on the runners, too).

RunGingerRun - Sarah
11/28/2014 9:44am

Definitely find one to volunteer at! It gives you a different outlook on organizing a race! That and it's just nice to do for other runners.

12/01/2014 6:26am

Pretty cool you got to meet Bart and it looks like you had a really good time. I am definately going to look into this race for next year

RunGingerRun - Sarah
12/05/2014 2:41pm

You have to let me know if you end up coming to Tulsa! We'd need to meet up! It was definitely a good weekend for me.

12/05/2014 9:05am

Bart Yasso as in "Yasso 800s"? Wow, nice!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
12/05/2014 2:40pm

That's the one! He's a super cool guy!


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