PictureAirport Selfie!
If that title doesn't grab your attention or clue you in to all of all the drama we faced on our flights to and from Hawaii, I don't know what will. It was all so crazy I still can't believe it was real life!
In Part 1 of my Hawaii vacation recap I told you all about some of the adventures we went on while we were on the island. In Part 2, I'm going to tell you about the adventures of getting there and getting home. Enjoy!

Flying out of Tulsa is always an ordeal. There are very few direct flights to anywhere you really want to go, so we almost always have to fly to Dallas/Houston to get to the next place. So on our way out to Hawaii this is what our trip looked like:
Tulsa -->Denver --->LAX --->Honolulu

On our way back this is what it looked like:
Honolulu --->LAX--->Houston--->Tulsa

That is a lot of plane changes and a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. And guess what? They did.
The first flight out, Tulsa to Denver was fine, except we got the CHEAPEST SEATS EVER and we were literally sitting across from the lavatory. Gross.

Denver to LAX was a bit of a problem. Our flight was delayed taking off due to our plane needing an oil change or something like that, then we sat on the runway a long time because we couldn't taxi in due to other planes. Keep in mind that between each flight we only have a 45-50 minute layover scheduled so any delay is a little stressful. The Hubbo and I were at the back of the plane again waiting to get off the plane with 11 minutes left until our plane to Hawaii was scheduled to TAKE OFF! When we finally got off the plane we had 6 minutes to switch terminals and get to our gate. The Hubbo and I grabbed our carry on bags and SPRINTED through LAX. Nothing like a little speed work a couple days before your marathon! Our friends were meeting us in Hawaii and the hotel room was under our name. I just knew we were going to miss our flight and they would be staying a night in Hawaii without us. We ran up on our gate with 1 minute before take off was scheduled! Whew!!! Turns out, we didn't need that speed-work after all. Our plane was delayed. I'm pretty sure I almost died as my heart was racing so hard from all the adrenaline and stress. It took me a solid 30 minutes to calm down. 

When we got to our seats, I just looked at the Hubbo's ticket and knew that I was in the seat next to him so I didn't pay much attention to mine. Turns out, we weren't scheduled to sit next to each other. Lame! The guy that came to claim his seat kindly offered to let me stay next to my husband but I was so flustered and so thankful just to be on the flight that I didn't care where I sat as long as I was on that plane! So I gathered my stuff and headed back 5 rows to my seat. Big mistake!

When I got to my seat a few rows back, I found myself in the middle seat. A creepy guy on my right and an even creepier guy on my left. Great. Again, I was just so glad I didn't miss this flight it was worth sitting in creeperville for 5+ hours. 

Turns out, I had a drunk  blanket hoarder on my left. He smelled like he was sweating out an entire mini bar he consumed the night before. When I sat down he offered me my blanket that he was holding. I was soo hot and sweaty from my sprint through LAX I really didn't want it, but I didn't want to talk to him either so I just said "Sure, I'll take it." He immediately retracted the offer and said he'd hold onto it. Awesome. Now we are playing keep away with a blanket and a drunk guy. After an hour he offered again. Again, I said "Sure, I'll take it" and he almost didn't give it to me! Geez. 

Then! The joker to my right decides to make himself real comfortable and unbuckle and unzip his pants!!!!! Totally awkward! If we had spoken the same language I would have told him that he wasn't at home and he needed to put his pants back on, but my Portuguese is a little non-existent.
Luckily for me, Mr. Drunk Blanket Hoarder guy passed out and Mr. Unzipped Pants didn't bother me much the rest of the flight. I swear I can't make this stuff up folks!

Flying Home - The Plane Delay I was a Part of.

A lot of the flights out of Hawaii leave in the late afternoon or early evening. So depending on where you are going, you might be flying overnight. That was the case for us. We flew to LAX to grab a red-eye to Houston. Well, that didn't go as planned either.
Our flight out of LA was very delayed. We were originally going to depart at 10:45pm and didn't end up departing until around 1:30. Part of this delay can be blamed on yours truly! Again, not kidding and I can't make this up!

The Drunk Guy
The Hubbo and I found ourselves at the back of the plane again in a row with 3 seats. Almost everyone had boarded and the 3rd seat in our row was still empty. Then he walked in. Drunk guy. I saw him waiting at our gate and immediately knew he was bad news. Turns out, he was sitting in the window seat next to me. Perfect. As if this guy wasn't drunk enough he brought his friends, the Jack Daniel's triplets, along and was ready to party all the way to Houston. Even Better. He started giving the flight crew a hard time and didn't seem to understand the concept of putting his carry-on bag away so the Hubbo graciously offered to switch me seats so I wouldn't have to sit next to another drunk guy. That is when one of the flight crew tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was ok with him being in our isle. My original reply was "I hope he will just pass out and everything will be fine." Shortly after I said that is when he unpacked his 3 miniature bottles of Jack Daniel's and started to party. One of the flight attendants tapped me on the shoulder again just to double check that we were ok so I notified her that he was in full on party mode. That's when it got real. The flight attendant told the Captain of the plane. And that is how I caused a delay. The flight crew had decided they had had enough of him and were kicking him off the plane! We had to wait 15-20 minutes for an official to come and escort Mr. Drunk Guy off the plane. I assume he was taken to an airport drunk tank of some kind. I guess I'll never know if he ever made it to Houston... 

Pearl Harbor

PicturePhoto Cred: scholastic.com
While we were in Honolulu we also visited Pearl Harbor. It was the one and only thing that all four of us had decided we were definitely going to do before we left Oklahoma. Everything else we planned after we got to Honolulu because that's how we roll. Except the marathon. The marathon was pretty much the trigger for going to Hawaii in the first place. 

Now back to Pearl Harbor. We booked our tour to PH through a travel booth in our hotel. It included our tickets to visit PH, a scenic tour of Honolulu on the way out to the harbor where we learned where President Obama lived, worked as a teen, and went to school, as well as a ride to and from our hotel. We booked the shorter trip (~4 hours) instead of the longer all day trip. 

I knew PH wasn't going to a party or anything exciting like that but, I wasn't prepared for the extreme somber tone and emotions that everyone would be feeling by visiting the memorial. Once it was our turn for our tour, we were ushered into a movie theater to watch a 20 minute video on the history and events of that day. I really don't know why, but everything I learned in my History classes about PH and the USS Arizona it didn't really click that it was a tomb with over 1,000 soldier still inside. We were all really glad that we visited Pearl Harbor to get a better understanding of the events that took place on the "Date that will live in infamy." 

Honolulu Marathon Video

Now, to end this on a more upbeat tone I want to share my last video we made from Hawaii. 
I made during the Honolulu Marathon for AddadayGo.com for their GearUp series. Enjoy! 

P.S. Please no judging my extremely poor running posture! I had no idea it was that bad until this video! 

Question! Have you ever caused a plane to be delayed?



02/17/2015 7:07pm

There are simply too many jokes regarding your airplane troubles for one comment to contain. LOL I am still laughing about the "oil change" remark! I just created this whole image of the pilot speaking through the PA system: "Folks, I just started thisd puppy up and the Check Engine light came on... Seems like we are a couple of quarts low so we're gonna need a few minutes to top off the ol' gal up. By the way, the flight attendant will be passing through the isle with a basket so be generous. Otherwise I'm not sure we can leave. Oil is expensive these days you know?"

As for Pearl Harbor, I know what you mean. I had a similar experience when I visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. There is this feeling when you are there that is hard to describe.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
02/19/2015 8:04am

LOL It's always something with flying!
One day I hope to make it to those memorials as well.

03/14/2015 12:16pm

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