Hey Running Buddies,

Last time we talked, I went on a long rant about my issues I had been facing while running and my loss of motivation. It's been a little over two weeks since I wrote that post. I have now humorously dubbed it "my whiny baby" post. 
But in all honesty, it has been one of my favorite blog posts I've written in the 2+ years I've had RGR. 

So what happened?
A lot.

I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) and amazed at the outpouring of support I got from all corners of my life! I got texts, emails, tweets, Facebook comments, comments on my blog, people approached me at work, people approached me from my running club, and everyone had nothing but nice and encouraging things to say! It was truly the best thing ever and it has really helped me start to turn this burn-out feeling around. 

And I realized something.

I'm not alone. 

There are others, that I know personally, that are experiencing the same feelings. I was so consumed with my own issues, I didn't stop to look around and see what other people were up to.  

I don't want my running buddies and friends to have these feelings, but it made me feel more normal to know that this is just something that happens to people sometimes.
I had this self-inflicted feeling that I would be viewed differently as a run/blogger if I wasn't loving it all the time. Looking back, that was dumb.  But when so many aspects of your life, such as your blog, social media, social life, friends, travel, etc. are tied to one activity and you find yourself not loving it, it's hard to see clearly. 

And then I learned something.

I've been training consistently since Fall 2011. That's a long time with very few breaks sprinkled in the mix. I learned that I'm a person that needs an off-season. I need a break. 

I know! Gasp! To say running has an off season is absurd to some. After all, we are runners. We run in the winter, the rain, the heat of the summer, and all sorts of conditions. If you are one of those people who can do the same activity for multiple years straight, and not face burn out or a loss of motivation, rock on! 

I remember a little over a year ago I was participating in #runchat on twitter and we answered a question about what running in the summer means to me.
I replied "Off-season!"

You would have thought that I told people I punch babies for fun! My twitter blew up with people, probably joking, telling me there is no such thing as an off-season when it comes to running.

By the way, I DO NOT punch babies for fun.  

So what have I been doing the last two weeks.
A lot and not too much.
Super helpful answer, right? 
That answer is complicated. In my last post I told you all I stopped taking my medication that was causing my body to overheat and making my running life a living hell. I feel that now I'm a month off that medicine, it has finally worked its way out of my system and it's getting better. I even had my first run where I felt "cold" and it was amazing!

I've been taking baby steps.

I've gone to the gym to cross-train a couple times a week. But it's not the same as before. Before, I would join an instructor-lead class. Now, I go and do my own thing. If I feel like doing push-ups, I do push-ups. If I feel like doing squats, I do squats. For the record, I'll never feel like doing burpees! Burpees are dumb! Joking...kinda.

I've had a few days in the gym where I just spent the 45 minutes foam rolling and stretching. 

I've been joining different groups within my running club to get my miles in. Before, a few of us would just meet up and run how far we felt like going. This week, I went to two organized runs my club hosts and that was helpful. I had a really strong run on Monday night. 

I've also been digging deeper into my nutritional needs because it's something I struggle with. I've been working with a company from Boston called InsideTracker to see what I need to add to my diet. They test your blood for 20 different bio-markers to see what you are missing so you can add it to your diet to perform better. 
My results are back and it was VERY eye-opening to say the least.
More on that in a future post, but I'm very happy to have this opportunity through my BibRave Ambassador program. 

So, long story short (too late), It's all going to be alright. And I can't thank you all enough for outpouring of support I received through my blog and social media and in real life! It was amazing and truly helped me get back on my feet!


03/16/2015 5:52am

It's good to hear that you have found what works for you and what makes you happy. I think a lot of people forget we are all different and sometimes what one person does may not be what you do, but it doesn't make it wrong. If you need an off season then you take one. Running is about making yourself happy. Also good to see you don't punch babies for fun. Lol

RunGingerRun - Sarah
03/16/2015 9:20pm

Thanks Shaun! Definitely trying to do my own thing and stay happy. No baby punching! Ha!

03/16/2015 1:15pm

Very good news! And I can't wait to hear about Inside Tracker since you mentioned it on Instagram. Although, the decaf thing worried me. If caffeine is "wrong" I don't wanna be right! LOL

RunGingerRun - Sarah
03/16/2015 9:22pm

LOL Well there is good news for you. The results are individually tailored to each person, so I may need to reduce caffeine but you may not. That's the really cool part about it! More to come...

03/16/2015 4:54pm

Glad to see you have your smile back!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
03/16/2015 9:23pm

Thanks Terri!

03/19/2015 6:37am

Sometimes it's really great to limit training and just do whatever exercise feels fun in the moment. Spontaneity is fun! Well, except for burpees. Burpees should never be considered fun. ;)

RunGingerRun - Sarah
03/22/2015 10:36pm

Thanks! We tried to incorporate some of that today. We went for a hike and that was fun and a good workout!

03/19/2015 6:59am

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