PictureThe Wicked Witch, The Hubbo, and I
You guys! 
It's been almost a full month since I've published a blog! How did that even happen? 
So many things have happened since then. I've ran a marathon, ran a half marathon, updated my blog discount page, and so many other cool things. Today I'm going to tell you all about marathon number 7. Garmin in the Land of Oz Marathon which takes place about 4 hours north of Tulsa, in Olathe, Kansas. (Oh-lay-the)

This is actually my second time to participate in this race, but last year I ran the half marathon. 
This year I ran the full marathon for one reason and one reason only. The medal. You might recall that I wrote this post. 
It's still true. I only ran 26.2 mile to get the Dorothy Medal. It totally completed my incomplete collection! 

Before we get into the recap I have to say that this race was one of my all-time favorite races to date! Not because of the medal, not because of the course, but because I got to run most of it with two new friends and it was a blast! 

The People

PictureTom, Kristy, and I in the corral!
Usually, I start my recap with the medal because it is my #1 favorite part about racing. But not today medal, not today! 

I should start this section by telling you that I randomly ran into Tom ( @toms66stuff ) on the way to Olathe at a gas station. That's not creepy at all! 
I first "met" Tom on Twitter and briefly ran into him at the Route 66 marathon 2 years ago and then ran a few miles with him at Route 66 last year too.  
At the gas station we chatted for a few minutes before I left to get back on the road. I had already walked out when it hit me that I should see if he has dinner reservations and invite him to join us. #SouthernHospitality 
Turns out, he and his wife didn't have plans or reservations so they joined us at dinner and then he and I ran the entire race together the next day. Almost in matching Marathon Maniac singlets. Almost.   

My Twitter pal, Kristy (@pghrunner ) , and I decided a while back that we would both run this race so we could meet in real life for the first time! Kristy and Tom joined me, the Hubbo, and about 30 of our running buddies for dinner the night before the race and we had a great time with everyone. See pic below. 

Originally, Kristy was going to do the half but ended up switching to the full. She ran the first 13 miles with Tom and I at our pace and then picked it up a bit so she could get back to the hotel and catch her flight. We had so much fun! We talked the entire way, ate bananas, and tried to avoid the rude lady on the course. I seriously didn't want the first half of the marathon to be over because I knew I'd have to say goodbye. But, we're for sure going to plan another race so we can meet up again soon. 

Run Gingers Run! Oh and Run Tom!
Kristy and I before the race.
Just me and 30 of my running buddies carb loading...No Big Deal

The Medal

PictureDorothy, Toto, The Yellow Brick Road, and a Twister!
This is it. This is the ENTIRE reason I ran the full marathon and not the half marathon. Even though I was facing a little runner's burn out, I wanted to complete my Garmin Medal collection. Sort of. Last year I ran the half and got a Wicked Witch medal. This year it was Dorothy. In the past, the full medal has been rotating other characters until this year, and it was DOROTHY!
I don't mind that I don't have the Scare Crow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Man. Those were cool medals too, but if I'm going to do this race twice, I'd rather have Dorothy and they Witch. 
Mission Accomplished! 

The Course

The course was a little challenging this year. Not for the typical reasons though. Sure, we had rain and wind, but the most difficult part was the mud and mud puddles. 
This is one of the flatter marathons I've ran, but it did have  some hills. 
We ran a lot of the race  on a small paved trail system through a wooded area in Olathe, and that is where we ran into the mud. We had no option at times but to run right through it or walk carefully through them. I was glad to have the rain on one hand, because I was getting hot around mile three. Shortly after that is when we started getting some rain. We were really really muddy/dirty when we finished though. I wish I would have taken a picture of my shoes because it looked like I had just rain a wilderness trail! 
The cool  thing about the course, is the last 100 yards or so they turn it into a Yellow Brick Road! 

The Expo/Swag

There isn't really an expo. There is a packet pick up at the host hotel. It does have 3-5 vendor booths, but that is really about all. So don't expect much at the Expo.

The swag was a gender-specific tech shirt which was really cute this year.
I would take a picture to post on the blog, but it's lost somewhere in the laundry pile from hell so this picture of The Lion, The Tin Man, and The Scarecrow will have to do! 

Parking and Aid Stations

Parking is free and there is plenty of it! Just get to the starting line a little early for the closer parking spots and to get in line for the bathroom.

The aid stations were really good! In the later miles they were stocked with water, Gatorade, Gu, other snacks and Vaseline! Some were even handing out plastic baggies for your phone! 

My Results

This was my last marathon for a while but I'm pleased with how the day ended up. Overall it is my second fastest marathon! That's almost a PR, right?

Marathon Number 7:
Time: 5:34:36
Place: I have no idea
Overall Rank: You aren't even reading this anyways 
Weather: Humid, Rain, Muddy! 

Question! What is your second fastest 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon Time?



05/11/2015 7:56pm

That looks like a really fun race! I'm a medal junkie too! My second fastest half is 2:13. That's all I know at the moment! I haven't ran a full--yet!!
Way to go!! Sweet medal!

RunGingerRun -Sarah
05/12/2015 5:39pm

You should run a full! Everyone should run one in their life just to say you did it. But since you are a medal junkie, if you do a full, it will need to be Little Rock because those medals are HUGE!!

05/11/2015 8:07pm

Great recap of a fun marathon with cool people!!! Thanks for letting me run with you Gingers!!! Loved it!!

05/11/2015 8:47pm


RunGingerRun -Sarah
05/12/2015 5:40pm

Thanks for running with us! We had a blast! Until next time...

05/11/2015 8:46pm

OMG, I thought you and Tom were long time friends, and that you both ran w/ Fleet Feet. That is so awesome!

This was one of my favorite marathons for sure, because of how much fun I had. (And I totally forgot about that rude lady, LOLOLOL).

We are definitely planning on Memphis, as long as we can both register, (I heard the half fills up fast, so I'll be registering my husband first), and I'm planning on the full. I'd love if you guys could run too!

Until next time!

(and thank you both for running w/ me)!

RunGingerRun -Sarah
05/12/2015 5:42pm

LOL I just treat everyone like a long term friend! :)
Definitely keep me posted on when Memphis opens up! Can't wait to do that again!

05/12/2015 5:42pm

Is there another reason to run a race? Ha! Gorgeous medal, really enjoyed your recap.

RunGingerRun -Sarah
05/12/2015 5:44pm

Thanks Yoly! And no, not really any other reason..ha! Except maybe spending time with friends! :)

05/12/2015 7:50pm

So, about a month back I'm checking social media and see this great runner/blogger I love reading about crossing the finish line of her latest marathon. I'm thinking "Awesome! Can't wait for the recap...." The anticipation for your recaps is like waiting for the next Game of Thrones episode.

Sounds like you had a much more manageable race this time around so thats great to hear and the bling is nice. Nothing like completing a set to add to the accomplishment. Congratulations!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/13/2015 8:57am

I have another half marathon recap to write and send out so stay tuned!
Thanks Frank! We need to plan a race so we can meet up!

05/12/2015 10:46pm

Great job on a fantastic race and your second fastest marathon! Sounds like a really fun time, even despite the mud and rain.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/13/2015 8:56am

Thanks Jess! It was a lot of fun!

05/13/2015 9:01pm

I love the idea of rotating medals. This race looks awesome!
I'm not sure what my second fastest half marathon time is...but of the four half marathons that I have done, my finish times have all been within the same 6 minute range. So, even if I don't set a PR when I run, I can pretty much predict what my time will be. Sort of strange, but I guess I can be happy that I'm so consistent!

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/14/2015 6:01pm

Wow! That is really consistent! Mine tend to be all over the place depending on the course or the weather.


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