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One week after I completed my last full marathon, The Hubbo and I ran another race here in Tulsa. The Golden Driller Marathon. Well, I ran the half and he ran the full. He's crazy! I opted for the half because I knew I would be sluggish from my full, but definitely wanted to be a part of the inaugural year. 

I'm really glad I opted for the half for a few reasons.
1. It got HOT HOT HOT that day. 
2. We had tickets to a 2:00 PM performance for the Phantom of the Opera and I wouldn't have finished a full marathon in time to go home and shower and get back to downtown Tulsa to see the show with my family.
3. I was just mentally over the full marathon distance.

And now, on to the recap!

The Medal

PictureFull Medal vs Half Medal
Y'all know I'm all about the bling! The one and only lure to running the full at this race is that their medal was bigger than the half medal. Which is the way it should be in my opinion. The bigger the effort, the bigger the reward! 
The Hubbo ran the full and I ran the half so we have both at home. 

I live in Tulsa and see our giant Golden Driller keeping watch over all of Tulsa all the time so this medal was a little more special to local people than it might be to other. That Golden Driller, he's famous you know! ;)

Here he is! Keeping watch over all of Tulsa!

Golden Driller Facts

Here are some fun Golden Driller Facts according to Wikipedia!
  • Born in 1953
  • The Golden Driller is 76 Feet Tall
  • He clocks in at 43,500 pounds
  • He's the fifth tallest statue in the US
  • He's worn a shirt, tie, shorts, and a kilt for various promotions


Parking was easy and free. The earlier you get there the better spot you could get like with any event. There really isn't a bad parking spot at this location. The race was kept small so there won't be overcrowding in the parking lot as well as on the course. Sitting in our car, we could easily see the start/finish line but also had easy access to leave too. 

The Course

Typically when a race is put on using the Riverside Trail system, it typically starts on the east side of the trail. There is a major construction project in Tulsa that should continue well into 2017, so most of the races have been shuffled over to the west side of the river. Which is a little more industrial in parts and less populated too.

The half marathon course had one hill that you went over twice since it is an out-and-back course. The first time you hit the hill at Turkey Mountain is the hardest. But at least you get that out of the way in the first 3-4 miles. The rest of the course is pretty flat. 

The full marathoners had a mind-numbing course. They did an out-and-back, with a couple out-and-backs mixed into the major out-and-back! Confused? Yes! Mind-numbing? Yes! Hopefully next year they can come up with a better full marathon course. So glad I didn't have to run that one. Poor Hubbo did though! 

The Swag

This is a small local race put on my my running club. It has the typical local race swag. 

Shirt. Check!
Medal. Check!
Bib. Check!
Post-race food and drinks. Check! 

My Results

I ran the first 6 miles with my buddy Tom and then we had to part ways because he was doing the full and I was doing the half. After I left Tom, I really started to crash. My feet hurt, I was hot, my Garmin quit around mile 7, and I was just mentally ready to be done. I think my experience was impacted more by my current running state. I've been feeling a little running burn out and my efforts show that. But I still finished, and for that, I'm excited! 

Time: 2:54:47
Division Place: 40 out of 49

This ended up being my slowest half to date. I'm not even mad! I was glad to be a part of the inaugural race in my hometown, glad to pick up some more bling, and glad to see my racing season wind down so I could give my body some much needed rest! 

Question! Have you ever been a part of an inaugural race? 



05/15/2015 11:59am

So the Hubbo is the only one crazy. Yeah, sure. I'm still trying to wrap my head around running on consecutive days for the Goofy Challenge! I've only done one Marathon but one thing I remember painfully clear is that a week afterwards I was still a bit sore. You guys are brave.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2015 12:20pm

LOL Maybe we both have a stitch of crazy...
I'm so excited for you to do Goofy! We definitely want to do a Disney race challenge someday. I can't wait to read all about your training and journey.

12/02/2015 3:56pm

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05/15/2015 12:33pm

I've run several inaugural races. Sometimes they have little glitches, depending on the experience of the race organizing team and the limitations of the specific race location. I'm definitely willing to cut the inaugural organizers some slack--I know how hard it is to organize an event.

Overall, I've had a great time, especially at the Livermore Half and Tiburon Half. Both were extremely well-done the first year. Livermore ended in more of a party scene (with a full-on wine tasting event, live music, etc.) while Tiburon was more subdued (the finish line was in a parking lot, and the post-race snacks available but limited).

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2015 12:17pm

I love it when races have a party at the end! It's definitely another reason to sign up!
The construction project here in town is really putting a damper on the local races, so I'm sure in a few years the course will be much much better.

05/15/2015 6:42pm

I'm with you on running burn out. I love that medal and the story behind the statue. Nice job powering through back to back weekends and glad you got to relax and watch Phantom! It's always so good. :)

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2015 12:12pm

Thank you! It was definitely a nice ending to the race season. Hope your running burn out ends soon! I'm almost a month into my 2 month break, it's going by so fast!

George Okinaka
05/16/2015 7:40am

Nice recap Sarah! And inaugural race? I think that I may have been in one for a 5k or something but not for a half yet......well, unless you count the Mustang 50th that we all did, but that was a one and done, so I guess not.

RunGingerRun - Sarah
05/16/2015 12:11pm

Thanks George! I guess I forgot about the Mustang, but it kinda sorta counts lol It was the first, but also last which makes it super cool!

05/16/2015 1:47pm

I love your positivity in spite of your finish time. We need to celebrate every finish because so many people can't or won't ever do this distance. I ran the inaugural Mother Road Marathon from Commerce, Ok to Joplin,Mo. It was hot but so much fun, it was on 10/10/10 and we ran thru 3 states. It was the first leg to achieve Marathon Maniac status and for all those reasons I love this marathon

05/17/2015 7:22pm

I love being part of inaugural races, I always feel like it means so much more, maybe that is just me though. Nice bling

05/25/2015 8:28am

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06/01/2015 8:14am

You did a good piece of work! I can say for sure that not every woman (and man) can run for almost 3 hours! I think that you achieved your goal and that will motivate you become better every day! By the way, the medal looks funny.

06/17/2015 5:18am

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07/13/2015 4:29pm

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06/22/2017 12:31am

It's good you finished the race! My main secret in doing marathons is just to think about your breathing. We runners need to exclude as much distractions as possible. When we focus at the present, we tend to achieve more. I think that is why you have finished the race, because you kept the much needed focus all throughout.


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