Everyone once in a while a few things pile up that aggravate me and I always think to myself that I should blog about it. I typically don't do a lot of rantings on the blog, but today I thought I'd share some. You know, just for kicks and what not. Some of these are running related some are not. Do you agree or disagree with any of these?

1.  Runderwear
I can't stand this term at all. I don't understand why female runners wear these things. Are they comfortable? Do they really make that big of a difference in your race or your final time? Why don't men wear tight booty shorts when they run? I just can't. My thighs just can't either.

2. Carb Loading vs Carbo Loading
To me, carb loading is the right way to say that. Carbo just has too many syllables. Carb loading just rolls off the tongue so much nicer in my opinion. What do you say?

3. People not sharing the trail
There are a couple different running paths the Hubbo and I run on regularly and it never fails. We'll pass a group of runners/walkers or whatever and they will be taking up the ENTIRE PATH! You can't walk 5 people wide! You must allow space for people to use the path on both sides! There have seriously been times when the Hubbo and I had to step off the trail to allow for a group of people coming the other way to pass. Had we not moved, we would have just collided. Share the trail people and move over when others are coming the other way!

4. People who park like assholes
If YOUR tire is in MY parking spot when you park you'r car, you're doing it wrong! Not only did you just park like an asshole, but you put your car and my car at risk. There's a place that I park regularly and the same car has been parking next to me after I've parked and EVERY SINGLE TIME, their tire is over the line! When I come out to leave, I have to ninja my way out so I don't hit them and I don't mess up my car.
One of these days I'm going to leave a note...

5. Click Bait Websites
I hate it when you are on Facebook creeping along and you see an article that sounds interesting so you click it.
Then you try to read it and for every sentence, picture, or even a small part of an article you have to click to the next page. But when you go to the next page there is only a small part of the article and 1 million ads! Yes, 1 million! 
It's just a marketing ploy to keep you on the website longer and to make you see more ads. Marketing companies, that's lame! Stop it! 

It's YOUR Turn! What's been bothering you lately?



10/16/2015 6:40pm

The trail hogging is super annoying. It's amazing that sometimes even two people manage to take up the whole trail. And I love when you're going opposite directions so they see you coming and make no effort to move.

Sarah M.
10/18/2015 4:31pm

I know! It's crazy. i wish there was a trail etiquette class people could take.

10/18/2015 2:32am

I agree with all but #1 (I do wear underwear, but it's normal looking with a silicone edge to stop them riding up)

After running a marathon this morning, I have a couple to add though:
- people who don't respect special event clear ways and park on the marathon course so everyone has to run around them (minor gripe for the city for not towing the assholes).
- people who talk on their phone while running a marathon (put it down, you clearly can run faster)
- spectators(and worse medical crews) who smoke at the sidelines of said marathon

Run Ginger Run - Sarah M.
10/18/2015 4:32pm

I hate running through cigarette smoke too!


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